What is pellet?

Wood pellet is a type of fuel from biomass that is produced by grinding various types of wood waste which is compressed
in the form of sawdust into cylindrical shapes!

What is briquette?

Wood briquette is an energy-generating product created
by pressing of crushed wood material,
without any other additives and binding material.

What is mulch?

A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. It is used in orchards, parks, flower garden, children's playground etc...

What is organic compost?

With healthy nature we make your life healthier! Organic compost for the vegetable garden, orchard, balcony and garden flowers

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    To enable you to come to our products, we are at your service with engaging in connection with transport companies in order to submit a pellet at the place of delivery. We will organize transport, free of charge.

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    We buy:
    - Wood raw material,
    (Cellulose, small and huge wood waste, sawdust, chip)
    - Packaging
    (Big bags, foil, pallets)

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    The territory of the Republic of Srpska is located between 42°° 33' and 45°° 16' north latitude and 16°° 11' and 19°° 37' east longitude.
    Republic of Srpska is in Central time zone (GMT +1)

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